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Commercial Electrical Designs in Bismarck, ND

Our professionally trained staff at Ennen Electric, Inc. has the skills and experience to help you create the best electrical system for your new building. Our experts will help understand your needs and wants, and determine what the best electrical design options are for you. Whether you are in the process of building a new facility or remodeling your old one Ennen Electric, Inc. can help you design electrical systems, remodel your existing electrical system, and telephone and computer wiring as well.

To Help Save You Money

It is always our recommendation that businesses use LED Lighting for illuminating the office or work area. Ennen Electric, Inc. specializes in LED Lighting fixtures because we feel it the most beneficial lighting solution to companies for the following reasons:
  1. Long Lasting
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Environmentally Friendly
  4. Durable
5. No UV Emissions
6. Design Flexibility
7. Always Operational
8. Low Voltage
If you would like to know more about LED Lighting and how it can help you save money, call Ennen Electric, Inc. at 701-224-1994 today!